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“A place where no Senior will ever walk alone”


Program 6  

“They Protected You, Now It’s Your Turn”  

It is a well-known fact that you can prevent over half of all home accidents by implementing home modifications and repair. It only takes a watchful eye to spot potential hazards, and the wiliness to pursue dollar-stretching home repair and installation of aids to keep your elder safe.  


Better Safe Than Sorry  

“Here are some ways to keep your loved one safe.” 

“Elder Proofing the Home” 

Keep you elder safe by preventing slips and falls before they happen. 

  • Buy a grabber for getting items off shelves 
  • Install turntable shelving in all cabinets  
  • Try using an automatic pill dispenser  
  • Upgrade all lighting throughout the home 
  • Install grab bars where needed 
  • If affordable, install beds and chairs that are adjustable 
  • Add a ramp 
  • Enlarging doorways 
  • Dealing with stairs 


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“When Loved Ones Live Alone” 

If a person has lived in their home for 25 years or more then it defiantly needs to be renovated and upgraded for safety and security. 

  • Have all emergency numbers in (large, easy to read) print. 
  • Make sure the home is warm or cool in season. 
  • Install a device to show who is at the door. 
  • Make sure all locks are appropriate for each door. 
  • Create a space for all outdoor clothes and aids. 
  • Make sure all smoke detectors are installed and working. 
  • Are all stairways, doorways and halls clear of clutter. 
  • Access to phones in every room.  


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“Being Safe When They Live With You” 

Even though your loved one lives with you doesn’t mean they are one hundred percent safe. You can’t be with them 24/7! So, here are some questions for you. 

  • Can your elder get your attention from any room in the house? 
  • Are all areas well lit and free from clutter? 
  • Are you using colour to mark stairs and room doors. 


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“How To Prevent Most Falls” 

A fall can be devastating for your loved one. Thousands of seniors die each year from injuries caused by falls. Here are some ideas to help prevent your elder from falling. 

  • Don’t allow your elder to become a couch potato. Inactivity will cause muscles to become weak. The old saying works here (Use It or Lose It). 
  • After sitting for a while, they should stand still for a few minutes before walking. 
  • Check your loved one’s feet regularly for any problems.  
  • Lighting is crucial for safe walking and other activities.  
  • It’s very important to keep a proper seasonal temperature.      

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