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“A place where no Senior will ever walk alone”

Professional Help and Support List 


To access the Professional Help and Support section we ask for you to become a member of Access to all 30 programs is only $4.99 per month, or $49.99 per year (save two months). This low membership will enable SOSOPWORLD to deliver, update, and maintain the 30 programs that support our loved ones in their later years. 


Please help us fulfil our promise that: 


“No Senior Will Ever Walk Alone” 


“People don’t care who you are, until they know you care” 


Simply browse the list below for help and support:  

1) Government Services – Example: Seniors Housing Services – Housing options shift to support our changing needs as we age. On this page is a description of services that enable aging at home and other more intensive supports. The Toronto Seniors Helpline (416-217-2077) or 211 can also help seniors discuss Housing options. 


2) Non-Profits (Charities) – Example: Ontario Elderly Care – Senior Living Care – Care services provided by SE Health may be covered by provincial home care funding (for example, OHIP in Ontario) and services can also be purchased by an individual, and in some cases may be covered by insurance. 


3) Public Services – Example: Supportive Housing in Peel Program – If you are looking for a place to live, you can search for a rental home in Peel at market rates. Market rental units are not subsidized. The rent you would pay is the current market rate for the unit. 


4) Video’s – Example: “Senior Citizens’ Housing” – 


5) Webinars – Example: belmont-village-senior-living 


6) Seminars – Example: – Inspired Senior Living – Arrange a Visit Today 


7) Interviews: Example: Woman with dementia performs Moonlight Sonata – A 92-year-old woman with dementia has recently gone viral with a performance of Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata 


8) Live Events – Example: What are Palliative Care and Hospice Care? 


Understanding Palliative Care – Bayshore HealthCare 


Join and get help and support from 21 active programs and 9 future programs that cover every aspect of living a healthy, happy, and informative senior and caregiver life.   


With Respect 


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