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“A place where no Senior will ever walk alone”


J. A. Cormier Commitment
“My Commitment”
“No Senior or Caregiver Will Ever Walk Alone”

As President and CEO of, it is my mission and my passion to get the word out about products and services and coping strategies that can help Seniors live more independent lives, which in turn frees up precious time for their overworked Caregivers.

Let me define what I mean by Caregivers. Being a Caregiver doesn’t have to mean providing for your Family Members every need -bathing, feeding, dressing, transporting and so forth, but if you do these things, you certainly are a Caregiver.

Sensitivity to the needs of Elders is desperately lacking in most countries throughout the world. Some studies show that insensitivity towards the Elderly and Caregivers is a virtual epidemic like Women in other helping professions, Caregivers who give so much to others, are nevertheless often devastated and made to feel invisible.

With Respect
J. A. Cormier

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