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Program 11

“Helping Seniors Stay Mobile” 

A person’s ability to be mobile – drive a car, use public transportation, walk safely through their neighborhood, or even call on family and friends for a ride – can have a huge impact on his or her wellness. Whether it’s getting to a doctor’s appointment, attending community events, or simply getting out for some fresh air and scenery, transportation is a vitally important factor in our lives as we age.   

About Us 

SOSOPWORLD.COM “Transportation Needs Program” was created to support all seniors and visually challenged individuals stay mobile and connected by building a senior transportation network that promotes safety and mobility. 

This program will be available to our aging population and those visually challenged throughout the world in every community large and small who are struggling to meet the transportation needs of its citizens.  

Everywhere, the issues are the same: 

  • How to provide the kind of door-to-door service older people want and need 
  • How to recruit enough volunteer drivers  
  • How to arrange rides, especially in rural and suburban communities 

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Benefits of becoming a volunteer driver 

  • You’ll help seniors stay independent and healthy by taking them to visit friends, the hair dressers, or a doctor’s appointment 
  • You’ll help make driving safer for everyone 
  • You’ll provide a positive alternative to a huge national problem by ensuring that seniors have a great choice without burdening family or friends 
  • Future reimbursement for mileage will be implemented  

All you have to do is be available one or two days a week or a few hours during the month. SOSOPWORLD.COM will arrange your driving assignments and routes around your schedule. You can even pick up a rider on your way to work or play and do a good deed even before you start your day! 

All of us have a stake in helping to ensure that older adults and the visually impaired can remain active once they stop driving. Volunteers help older people stay connected to families, friends, and activities that bring meaning to their lives.  

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How can family members help? 

Family members care deeply when a parent, grandparent, spouse or friend struggles with safe driving or getting to appointments.  

With’s Transportation Program, older family members are as safe as if their own children were there to open the door and carry their packages. 

Adult children can help manage their parents’ “Personal Transportation” needs by helping them with their daily, weekly, and monthly schedules.  

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How you can support this program 

Family members and friends of seniors can support the transportation program, by making a cash donation, donating a car, or helping with community fundraisers.  

Donate today and help us make sure seniors and the visually impaired stay independent.  

With your support, can help families stay connected and lifetime friendships endure. You also help seniors begin a new chapter in their lives that replaces dependence and isolation with independence and mobility. 


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Local Business Support 

Every time an older person stops driving or doesn’t have suitable transportation, a local business runs the risk of losing a customer. SOSOPWORLD’s Transportation Program brings paying customers right to the door then helps your happy customer with their packages and drives them safely home. 

If you are interested in getting your company or organization involved just click “Contact Us” and will make it very easy to participate.  


Other ways to get involve 

If you’re unable to join this program there are other ways to get involved, you can donate small gifts for volunteers, office supplies, gift certificates for car washes, the list goes on. 


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“Together we can open a lot of doors and change lives forever” 

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