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Program 9 


Giving All Seniors (and their caregivers) A Voice 

Social connections are essential for health and wellness at all ages and may be especially important for promoting health in later life. Whereas declines in physical, sensory, and cognitive function are common with advancing age, the need to be heard remains a top priority. 

The Seniors Voice Program – at “YOUR TURN TO TALK” we understand that the key factors of a successful program are ensuring that people can provide feedback without the fear of retaliation and know that they will be respected regardless of their opinion or view. 

Attention: reserves the right to edit all submitted information, and to reject anything that contravenes with its Policy and Procedure statements. 

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Interesting Topics and Categories for Seniors to Talk About 

About Their Favorite Things?  

About Their Life?  

About ‘Back in the Day?  

About Their Wisdom? 

About Their Loved One’s passing? 

About where they grew up? 

About their first job? 

About their family name, crest, or origin? 

About ageing? 

About parents and grandparents? 

About their spouse? 

What would you name your boat if you had one?  

What’s the closest thing to real magic?  

Who is the messiest person you know?  

What will finally break the internet?  

What’s the most useless talent you have?  

Where is the worst smelling place you’ve been? 

About their past? 

About their views on the present? 

About their future? 

About their favorite things? 

About their life achievements? 

About their college days? 

About how they handled stress? 

About their generation? 

About todays technology? 

About health and wellness? 

About exercise? 

About diets?  

About travel  

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